September 6 – 2PM + 7:30 PM

Israel, 2017 – Rated PG – 110 minutes – in Hebrew with English subtitles
Written and Directed by Rama Burshtein
Cast: Dafi Alferon, Noa Koler, Oded Leopold 

At 32, Michal is finally looking forward to the comfort and security of marriage, when she is blindsided by her fiancé’s decision to call off the wedding with only a month’s notice. Unwilling to return to lonely single life, Michal decides to put her trust in fate and continue with her wedding plans, believing Mr. Right will appear by her chosen date. Confident she will find a match made in heaven, she books a venue, sends out invitations and buys a wedding dress, as her skeptical mother and sister look on with trepidation.

During Michal’s month-long search for a spouse, she enlists the help of two different matchmakers, goes on a series of disastrous blind dates and finds an unexpected connection with a charming but utterly unsuitable pop star – all while dismissing pleas by concerned friends and family members that she reconsider her risky plan. As the day of the ceremony grows closer and no suitor appears, Michal puts everything on the line to find happiness.

“An engaging (and surprisingly entertaining) examination, not of belief, but of a believer, a struggling soul who more often than not blocks her own path to paradise”
– Matthew Lickona, The SanDeigo Reader

“Unexpectedly rich, “The Wedding Plan” uses the frame of an apparent romantic comedy as a vehicle to study religious faith, loneliness, culture and inner turmoil.”
– Tom Long, Detroit News 

“The Wedding Plan is not founded on magic realism so much as cosmic ambiguity. The movie’s final scene is fascinating for its sleight of hand.” – J Homberman, Tablet