May 24 – 2:00 + 7:30 PM

Canada / Ireland, 2016 – Rated 14A – 115 minutes
Directed by Aisling Walsh
Cast: Ethan Hawke, Sally Hawkins, Kari Matchett

Determined to prove her independence to herself and her overprotective family, the Nova Scotian Maud Dowley (Sally Hawkins, Blue Jasmine, Happy-Go-Lucky) answers an ad for a live-in housekeeper for the reclusive Everett Lewis (Ethan Hawke, Born to Be Blue, Boyhood), but her artistic skills quickly eclipse her domestic duties. Director Aisling Walsh brilliantly captures Maud’s growth into one of Canada’s most celebrated folk artists.

Maud has spent her whole life constrained by the effects of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, causing her parents and brother to have little faith in her ability to live independently. After the loss of her parents leads her brother to sell her childhood home, Maud sets out to make her own way in the world and pursue her passion for art. Determined to get a job and provide for herself, she shows up at Everett’s door. Slowly, Maud’s warmth and positivity breaks through her new employer’s cold and reserved demeanour. She accompanies him on his fish deliveries and brightens up his home and his customer’s shipments with her colourful paintings. With the encouragement of Sandra (Kari Matchett), one of Everett’s customers, Maud begins selling her cards and paintings. Locals soon take note, and word of her talents spreads far beyond Nova Scotia, attracting visitors to Maud and Everett’s home and notice from the White House.

Touching, funny and wonderfully acted by its two remarkable leads, Maudie is an inspirational, based-on-fact tale of a young artist whose talent and determination allowed her to surmount the obstacles in her way, and an unlikely love story of two lonely souls who find their place in the world together.