October 23 – 2PM + 7:30PM

Canada, 2019 – Rated: 14A – 93 minutes
Directed by Jasmin Mozaffari
Cast: Michaela Kurimsky, Karena Evans, Callum Thompson, Tamara LeClair, David Kingston

NOTE: The matinee screening of this film will be open captioned. Let us know what you think after the film!

A startling, searing film from a young female Canadian Director.
Jasmin Mozaffari shows us very clearly that, in some places, the news about the “Me Too” revolution has never been heard. Our two teenage characters played by Michaela Kurimsky and Karena Evans are going to change that.
Lou and Chantal are already unique in their rundown small town. Their dream of New York City sets them apart even more. That dream pits them against an unconscious patriarchy represented by the young men who surround them.
It will be a lonely, raw and sometimes violent journey portrayed in contrasting startling colours that represent the irrepressible commitment of the two young women.