Spring Season Cancelled But More Movies Next Season

Dear Quinte Film Alternative member,

We, as you, have been watching the situation in the world unfold while COVID 19 changes everything.

After a thorough review considering the short and medium term future, we have decided to cancel the remainder of our spring season. Even though the need for physical distancing may be easing in, perhaps June, we doubt people will be at ease in big gatherings at that time. Consequently, the Members Only Year-End Finale and Social is also cancelled.

We will hopefully resume in September of 2020 with the launch of our 25thseason.

We have been unable to show six of the nine Spring season films prior to the COVID shutdown and we ask you to decide how you wish us to handle the balance of your prepaid membership fee and to inform us of your choice as they are outlined below.

We would also like to thank our loyal members for their support over the years and during this challenging time. So for those planning to renew their membership next year we would like to extend an additional offer of even greater value.

You may choose from the following two options:


The credit would be valued at $70 for an Evening member and $60 for a Matinee member.

If you plan to rejoin us next September, we would be happy to credit you with an equivalent FULL Fall season pass or 50% of the full year pass. If you only attend our films in the Spring, your credit would be a FULL Spring 2021 Season Pass. If you wish to pursue this credit option, we would meet you in the Empire Theatre lobby at your first film. We commence September 9, 2020. Retaining your existing pass is not essential but would assist the process.


The refund would amount to $47 for an Evening member and $40 for a Matinee member.

Please contact us at Quinte Film Alternative via letter or email. We ask that you include your name, address, phone number, email, and QFA pass number with your request.

Our mailing address is:

Quinte Film Alternative
P.O. Box 22172
Belleville, ON
K8N 5V7

Or you can mail email us at: